An Autobiographical Piece, A Conventional Blog, or Random Thoughts on What I do

I figure now is as good a time as any to do this. So far, I’ve only posted fiction, but there is more to ‘Trick than that. Not much more, mind you. This post is entirely stream-of-consciousness and unedited, so don’t shoot me for the inevitable missed typos or offense you may take. Honestly, I don’t care. I’m not here to be polite, I’m here to be honest (ironic for a fiction writer?) I’m not really sure how to blog, believe it or not. Not a big fan of the rambles. But, I am a huge fan of wordpress as a tool so, I may as well.

I’m an aspiring writer, currently in the process of editing my novel. I’ll be posting excerpts throughout the process leading to publishing and I hope you all will love it! Why did I start writing? Glad you asked! I started entirely because I found the thought of the Twilight series so repulsive that I felt the need to just write something better. If you like Twilight, that’s great for you but, you will never have my respect (I know how much you obviously crave it :P)

Okay, now the serious answer: I started writing because I see language in the same way I see mathematics and music… logical, structured, patterned, and deeply self-expressive. There’s always another way to solve an equation; there’s always another way to voice a chord; there’s always another way to make a statement. And in each of these areas of study, the way you choose to show your final product is very revealing about your own nature.

I found the flash fiction style quite appealing, as it is a great tool for writing daily and at the end, you always have a finished product. Rather fantastic, I must say. Though the novel is my primary focus, I’ve also written script for a sci-fi miniseries (yet to be completed) and a graphic novel (who wants to animate it?). And I am also working on a few other writing projects and always seeking more!

The majority of this page is for me to shamelessly self-promote and show the writing I’ve done. I gladly welcome constructive criticism, deconstructive criticism, and anything you have to say. You may also see occasional “life updates” when a major milestone of some sort happens, and I may also share my thoughts on writing-related concepts like grammar, body language in writing, etc. 

One primary goal of this whole attempt at being a writer is (obviously) to be able to support myself financially without being forced into the mainstream workplace. The other major goal though, is to encourage others to write, read, think critically, analyze in excess, and generally strive to do better. The best thing about writing is that after you finish, you can go back and fix the things you don’t like. You can ask someone else to take a look and help you make your point stronger. it generally encourages all of the things I just mentioned, and simultaneously trains your brain to do these things in all facets of life.

It is my strongest belief that to change the world, you have to change yourself. Gandhi said “Be the change you want to see in the world.” I want to see people thinking critically, carefully considering their choices, and making the decisions they think are best for their personal growth. Writing is a tool to make that happen and, I’m lucky enough to be vaguely decent at the skill. 

That’s it. Just a glimpse into the chaotic disconnect of ‘Tricks’s mental stream. If you aren’t scared off by the complete randomity (I have a whole rant on why randomness was the wrong choice all those years ago), then please, keep coming back to see what other brilliant posts my mind churns out. Comment as you please. I think that’s everything I had to say.  

Rant over.

Time to write: 12m46s


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