Jin-Su wiped the icy sweat from his brow; the drawing motion of his hand recalled his meteor hammer.  The carbon fiber cable retracted into the two pound iron ball. A spool in the center of the dense metal shell spiraled, pulling it towards his open hand. He scanned for a new target as he caught it, immediately releasing the hammer to the left with a quick twist of his arm. “only five. This will be easy.”

The ball cracked sharply into the walker’s jaw. The necrotic ex-human’s spine twisted a full 180° and it continued forward. As Jin-Su recalled the hammer on his left, the right-handed bludgeon swung straight behind, smashing through a walker’s degraded jaw. The weapon continued through the walker’s hard pallet; it’s rotten brain matter exploded in all directions, including Jin-Su’s. The sour pungency brought blurring tears to his eyes. He gagged as the smell-and taste- flooded the air he breathed.

“Only four more.”  He pulled the right hammer back to his hand and took a deep breath. He turned to face two of the remaining dead. Their hollow groans tore Jin-Su’s stomach to pieces. He wanted to pity them, but he had no time to care. He unleashed a ferocious growl that burned as fire throughout his body. The two hammers lunged forward and Jin-Su spun on firm feet. The simultaneous crunch of their skulls fueled a second surge of adrenaline. Another monstrous war cry accompanied his body as he acted.

Jin-Su turned around and gave the extended cables tied around his palms a long draw, as if they were a single sword. The two iron balls came over Jin-Su in a momentous arc, completely caving the skulls of the last two walkers.

He recalled the meteor hammers, catching them one by one with a quick spin to relieve the significant impact to his joints. His arms dropped like stones and he let out a hard sigh. A glance across the tussled kitchen revealed only a can labeled “Pedigree.” 

Jin-Su threw his head back, hammers clench to his hips, and grunted. “Ugh. Cat food, again.”


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