Outside the Poetry Box

Trying to break the convention of rhyming.


Borne on wings of night, it came for me.

Death is inescapable to those who fear its grasp.

I am one who knew such fear – in a forgotten time and place.

Now I am relieved of all transgression; only nothingness remains.


The anarchic danger of the sadistic guild set in quick.

The Arbiter implored the Supreme Judge to restore order.

Her simple solution affected immediately.

“Terminus protocol. Destroy them all.”


Whilst once I were a tawdry vagabond

Since I have become fulfilled with nothing

Peace lies in emptiness. The hand and the sword are one

Truth permeates all things, unity is impossible to escape.

Beautiful, isn’t it? 

And a haiku to close it out:

Poetry about
poems is redundant. Still,
simple, beautiful.


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