As long as I’m in the editing stages, I may as well ramble about it. Sometimes you get clarity when you talk about your writing. Helps with the analyitical editing brain to think about where it was, where it is, and where it will be.

When I began working on this novel, my plan was to demonstrate a proper vampire: one that had the power and pinash of Dracula, but applied to the modern era. The original plan had 27 chapters and an overly complex plot. Now, there are 21 chapters and a more intricate, but less complicated story. It became an experiment in form, style, and literary structure. Once the first round of editing is complete, I would also like to play with the “chapter” format and throw in a few things you don’t really see anymore  but, certainly homage the source materials for this one. Indeed, it became a research project. Fun stuff.

Among Dracula’s original powers included in the story:

  •    Strength beyond Measure (“That of twenty strongmen”)
  •  Immortality (sustained through Lazarus chamber, feeding)
  •      —–Wooden stake to the heart followed by decapitation is the traditional killshot
  •   Limited gravity defiance (includes standing on ceiling/walls, levitation)
  •  Hypnosis, telepathy, mind control/ghouling – target must have a sanguine link
  •   Teleportation, shapeshifting

There is also a book called Vampires: The Occult Truth I believe. From that book, I learned about “emotional,” “psychic,” and “energy” vampires. A few of these ideas got shaped into the book but, quite frankly, nothing is really as terrifying to me as the orignal badass. Stoker nailed it.

Here is a snippet which quotes Stoker’s Dracula.


With that, she walked out and I was left to my own devices. The muted TV in the corner of the room flashed highlights of the current football season… boring. Outside, birds danced like cherubs on the ledge by my window, chirping away with blissful ignorance to the lamentations of humankind. I lost myself in their sweet song, imagining the happy-go-lucky lyrics they might be singing. At that moment, I envied all of nature. I longed to transcend my problems and have no mortal concern, to be amongst the wild, the truly free. My moment of transcendental clarity unfortunately died when came the titillating voice of my least favorite person on the planet.

“How blessed are they, whose lives have no fears, no dreads, to whom sleep is a blessing that comes nightly and brings nothing but sweet dreams.”

“Goddamnit. Can’t you just leave me alone?” I turned to Bernier, his immense presence filling the entire doorway.

“Welcome back, mon frère.”

“You’re going to have to finish this case without me, Monsieur. I’ve decided I’m not willing to die for you or your research.”

Just a minor taste. I’d love to get some feedback! Happy reading, all!



A little bit about the book.


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