A Speech, I guess? *Unedited*

I saw Taking Back Sunday on the strip a few weeks ago and took lots of film and still photography. The whole scene gave me a lot of inspiration to write a short story about an anarchic culture that unites under a single cause against an oppressive government. This is just one possible speech from who might be a leader or a radio DJ or something. Obviously, the concept is very fluid. But as I review the footage,  I get the vibe of impending chaos in a dark dystopia.

Here ya go. Feel free to give it love or hate, just some stream-of-consciousness-what-am-I-going-for-with-this? writing.

For, those who don’t quite fit, those who have a different idea of cool, of style, of what it means to be alive… they are those who have seen the truth, who follow the way. Righteousness is not found in the herd but in the shepherd. Beauty is not in the many, but in the few. If you are the reject, if you are the misfit, if you are the one who has to search for a reason to live in this world, congratulations. You have seen through the charade; you know that things are not what they could, should be. If you defy convention, you have my power. If you spit in the face of society, you have my courage. If you follow your heart, you have my spirit. If you put faith in humanity, you have my naiveté. If you break the mold, you have my respect. They say unique does not equate to worthy. In fact, history has shown us the opposite. Whether full of love or full of hate, the people remembered are not the masses; they are the ones who took on the impossible and won, the ones who dared to oppose normality. If you are one of the sheep, if you are one of the people whose heart is bound to your wallet, whose happiness is contingent on the material, if you are the one who asks “why?” when you could instead ask “Why not?” then you can rest assured that your life is devoid of meaning and significance. You can rest assured that you will struggle and strain in your attempts to measure up to what is expected of anyone vaguely similar to you. You can rest assured that those you shun would rather die than become you. You can rest. And you can know that you will never have to worry about me, as I walk the path that can only be understood by those who seek it. This world does not belong to the many, it belongs to the few. Why, then, strive to assimilate when you can strive to create? Why, then, seek that singular goal that so many seek when you can follow your truest dream? 

They will tell you that your head is in the clouds. They will tell you to come to reality, to see the world as it is. I do see the world as it is. And that’s precisely why I see the world as it could be, as it should be. I will not bow down when I should oppose. I will not accept what I should change. I will not follow where I should lead, even if I only ever lead myself. I will never cease to wonder how the majority can be what it is. I will never cease to argue with the conventions of the world. I will never accept the mainstream monolith and the message of pop icons. I will not allow myself to fall into the trap of complacence. For I believe in the ideal, not the idol.



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