Creative Force – A response to a prompt

Tiana Lopez posted this sexy little challenge: Give yourself the powers of a God and write about it.

Structure isn’t my strong suit. So of course, when prompted, I like forcing myself into the little bubble most people live, just to see what I can create. Mark Rosewater put it best when he said “Restriction breeds creativity.” So, I confined myself to some simple structure and plain ol’ linear thinking. Here are a few samples.

The Universe as it is is the Universe as it should be.
Be that as it may, with the power of a God
I would change infinite destinies.
Free tacos for all.

A little more serious now

If I could make a difference to mankind,
I’d remove bloodlust from our minds.
If I could change the entire planet,
Nature would never run out of resource.
If I could change our solar system,
The sun would burn eternal.
If I could change our galaxy,
All sentience, a single consciousness.
But, if I could change our Universe,
Who knows what would ensue.
All people, all places, all things granted the same:
The power to make a change.


And, a flash piece… because why not?

When they called him a “God,” Raf scoffed the notion. He thought it must be an acid-induced commentary. In fact, during his trip, Raf realized he’d seen it all; he’d done it all. He realized that LSD, one of the most forewarned drugs he knew, did nothing for him that he hadn’t experienced at some point in his life already. While the others pondered the most sacred ideals man has bred, Raf already knew where their conversation would end. He knew how they would feel, he knew what they would do, he knew there would be no point or purpose to any of it. Of course, it inevitably ended as he so predicted with the cliché of a unified global religion being the answer. Ironically, he thought, they would oppose a unified world government. The conversation led there in mere seconds.

Then, Raf had another thought. He thought that if he were a “God” then, his thoughts may have influenced the conversation. He tried again. I think it’s time to get some food.

Janne interrupted the conversation, “Who else wants pizza?”

Well… I said food… Not an exact match…

As the group headed for the parlor, he continued pondering the notion that he could be a God. He attributed the notion to the massive amount of hallucinogen in his system. The phrase “Delusions of Grandeur” came to mind more than once.

“So, can you fly Raf?” Janne asked, slowing down his pace as the group marched obliviously onward.

Raf stopped dead and thought about it. Obviously, he’d never tried. Logic dictates. Then again, what better way to see if you really might have the powers of a god? It could be the drugs, he reminded himself. Still, a God wouldn’t have to fall from an insane height to test his flight. He would just have to will it and whoa!

And so it was, on that day, that Raf ascended to the status of Godhood. There are none who don’t believe, as it is his will that mankind believe it. If, then, he is not truly a God, he is an immeasurably potent telepath. Quite frankly, the difference is negligible.


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