Another Pilot Scene

Obviously, I am not a script writer, I am mostly a prose guy… but here is the next pilot scene I wrote during the early phase of the project


Upon the end of the first interplanetary war, the leaders of the New World Order issue a challenge to invited pilots who fought in the war. The winning pilot will be the first one to learn a new wave of mecha, training recruits. However, the challenge is a fight to the death, a “mecha hunger games”.

*After watching footage of the One World Military unveiling a new mecha*

Will: Did you see that? That’s some real money right there.

Daryl: Yeah but is it worth your life?

Will: Now that the war’s over, what’s a draftee like me gonna do anyway?

Daryl: I found a job man, I’m sure you will too.

Will: I don’t want to, Daryl. I want to be a pilot. I want to pilot that crazy thing.

Daryl: It would be pretty cool to be the guy flying the Beacon.

Will offers: I could use an engineer.

Daryl: Come on, man. You have no idea how the thing is going to operate and you’re already asking me to mod it?

Will: Remember what you did to my Four-Wing before I even knew I was the pilot?

Daryl: As I recall, you almost blew up the mess hall.

Will: So, I got carried away. I wanna enter this thing. I’ll buy a stock tourney mech and you can do your magic to it!

Daryl: You haven’t even been invited to compete!

Will: I got the email from my Sergeant this morning… I’m already in!

Daryl: So there’s no stopping you… then… what do you need?

Will: I figured I’d buy a single-thruster unit with a small body. Try and stealth my way through.

Daryl: Stealth… with a mech…

Will: I need a 1500 meter cannon, a high-intensity photon blade. Maybe get a couple of gauntlets for it… or even just build some knuckle dusters. A good electro-weapon would be nice.

Daryl: Slow down, slow down! You can get like one or two of those things at most.

Will: Well, I definitely need the cannon. We’ll figure the rest out later.

Daryl: Go buy your mech first. Let’s see what we have to work with.

Will: This is going to be so exciting, I can’t wait to fight again!

Daryl *under his breath*: Fight to the death again.


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