Last, but nott least

This is the last of the four test-scripts I wrote. One of these four was adapted directly into the miniseries… Can you guess which one?


a young ne’er-do-good in post-modern city XYZ happens across a strange new model of drone. The drone follows the boy to his house, which has been ransacked and his parents have gone missing. The drone follows him in and plays a holo-note from his father’s moon-station. The note reveals the father is working on new technology but is interrupted by a kidnapping. The boy commits to rescuing his father from his captors as well as saving the technology from falling into “evil” hands.

*In Jason’s house post-robbery*

Holo-note:  This is Dr. John Lazenby. Deliver to Dr. Franklin Aston. Secondary… my son, Jason Lazenby.

Jason: What? Me?

Holo-note (with sounds of a base): Dr. Aston, I have recovered the hardware you requested and you were right… the processor had just the right amount of power to run the security software in model 32. Unfortunately, the recovery didn’t go as smoothly as I’d hoped. It seems we triggered several red flags. Lunar Station 1X has been compromised. 

*Jason quickly pulls out his phone and dials 911 then pauses the holo*

Operator: 9-1-1, please state your name, location, and the nature of your emergency.

Jason: My name is Jason Lazenby. I just got a strange holo-note from my father and I think he’s in trouble. My house has been sacked and I’m—

Operator (cuts Jason off): We have a patrol car on the way to you Mister Lazenby. Please wait inside your house for help.

*the line goes dead*

Jason: But I didn’t tell you my…

*Jason resumes the holo-note*

Holo-note: Jason, if this drone found you, then the primary drone has been taken or destroyed. Find Dr. Aston at 244 South Main and tell him that…

*the sound of a door breaking down and Dr. Lazenby’s kidnapping is heard. Only the Doctor and maybe a pair of hands can be seen.*

Holo-note: Jason! Jason, you have to get this to Dr. Aston! He needs to complete Project: Satellite before–

*The note goes dead and the drone powers down*

Jason: Dr. Aston… haven’t seen him in years.

*outside, an automated voice can be heard*

Voice: This is the XYZ PD. You are under arrest for treason. Failure to comply will result in the deconstruction of your biological material.

Jason (to the drone): I don’t suppose you have a way out of this.


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