Another study in style

As an avid Martial Artist and Oriental Enthusiast (is that PC? I don’t care) one of the things I love is when someone writes on either of these subjects.  This guy wrote a poem that convinced at least one reader that he studies Tai Chi when he doesn’t. That’s awesome. I’ve wanted to experiement with the chinese style of poetry and he gave me a subject that lends itself. How did I miss this?

This koan explains the style of poetry:

A well-known Japanese poet was asked how to compose a Chinese poem.

“The usual Chinese poem is four lines,” he explained. “The first line contains the initial phrase; the second line, the continuation of that phrase; the third line turns from this subject and begins a new one; and the fourth line brings the first three lines together. A popular Japanese song illustrates this:

Two daughters of a silk merchant live in Kyoto.
The elder is twenty, the younger, eighteen.
A soldier may kill with his sword,
But these girls slay men with their eyes.”

The River flows in harmony
with the path it’s flow creates.
A lotus blossom floats without effort.
River Body; Lotus Mind; Tai Chi spirit.

Nailed it or failed it?

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