The way it works is, a series of questions with unrelated answers. As far away as you can.

“Who is running in this year’s election?”
“I think the mailman is stealing my coupons.”

Why do this? Because real conversations are not usually direct and on-point. You may think you’re discussing one thing when in fact, another topic is the focus. (If you’ve ever dated, you already know this).

This is just an idea to get the juices flowing. Try to imagine a character and how they would answer this question

“How many chefs will be present at the affair?”
“105, but only ten of them are even hot”

If you’re still not following, think about the pie in Men In Black 3. That’s exactly what this is. I just exaggerate for (hopefully) clarity. Give it a try though. If you come up with one, share it!


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