flash fiction

This flash fiction brought to you by Swype typing.

I’ll add in a paragraph to describe the Dragon later.

Beyond fields of burning stone lie bodies strewn, buried under clusters of iron bolts. 

Relentless assault for nigh on three eves of Summer’s Grace plagued the castle with barrage of hellfire and the vermin infected corpses of sickly livestock. Siege warfare is a vile affair.

The siege towers approached under the protection of their rock-hurling brethren. Those entrenched on the wall launched a righteous hall of arrows, slaying all but the most fortunate of men. 

Just as the first tower made contact with the castle’s perimeter, a distant eruption silenced all. 

The nearest mountaintop exploded in a fiery blast I ne’er had seen before. The howl of a beast forced me to my knees and I prayed death not to follow.

At speeds unimaginable, the great silver beast found us. Its landing crushed the bodies of men in its wake. The sight of the men whose bodies exploded under the pressure was too much to bear. I wretched the thought. My legs barely brought me to my feet but still, run, I finally could.

Just as I hastened my escape, the great wall of the tower turned a sinister glow.before my very eyes,the wall turned to red hot mud. The bowmen inside had become charred husks of flesh in seconds. I turned to run the other way but the monster spread its wings and flew over the castle,treating man and structure from the ground and obliterating their essence until only dust remain.

In the end, nothing of man nor civilization remained. A blood-frenzied shriek and a sonic explosion singled the departure of the drake, which returned to its hoarde and slept


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