A throwback

No it’s not Thursday. No, I don’t care. When I first started out with this whole writing thing, I had a lot to learn. One of the things I did that had some relative success was the Terminus Challenge. Four lines/sentences, use the word “Terminus.” Could be a “flash fanfic,” a poem, anything you want. Here are some of the best.



The anarchic danger of the sadistic guild set in quick.

The Arbiter implored the Supreme Judge to restore order.

Her simple solution affected immediately.

“Terminus protocol. Destroy them all.”

– Mine. Of course it’s one of the best 😉


“You’ve reached the end of the line,” he said in that knowing tone that only a man who’s been there can have.
“My journey has only just begun,” I snappily retort. “I’ve got the whole world in front of me and this is only the beginning.”
“Well, that may be,” he replied, “but this is the bus terminus and you need to get off my bus now.”
-Chance Tashman

“She had reached the Terminus, the bound’ry stone of her sheltered society.
How far she had come, yet how far to go?
How many uncharted miles lie past?
It was her purpose to discover.”

– Amanda June Ratzlaff

“I am terminus. I am the omega. I am the end. Find peace within me and despair.” – AR Nickel

“The pirate ship terminus, sliced through the stormy waves. Lightning flashed across the starboard bow. Illuminating the scene of wasted ships. It crashed on the reef.” –Joe contini


The deep vat of gravity lured all matter towards an inescapable vortex. As colors danced before his eyes, he thought, this black hole wasn’t black at all. The terminus was near, and soon Nahn would be home in oblivion.

-Andrew Wulf

As she hurled helplessly through time and space, she pondered the folly that had cast her into this first circle of hell nightmare. Recounting her incantation, her tongue moved over the words she knew were a mistake. While attempting to transport herself to her beloved her mind had stumbled, and instead of marking her desired destination with “terminus” she had uttered the word that had bound him to her in the first place. “I wonder if amorous infinitus is what Master meant when he said my ‘earthly desires’ would be my downfall”, she mused to herself whilst attempting to find the most comfortable position to fall through eternity in. –Blaze Gaza


One day a boy fell out of a tree
Thunderously landing on his knee
Ouch his patella!
Sorry young fella
You’re gonna be stuck in with me
-Andrew Wulf
*Not four lines, but still classic


All I recall is hearing something strange, tabula rasa. I don’t know what it means. I feel weird. I don’t know why, but I don’t know what weird is either. It’s as if I’m a spring hillside blanketed in snow. No grass, no flowers, there’s only emptiness. There is nothing where there should be something, anything.

I’m lying on a bed. I don’t know where. Rough sheets, sandpaper against my skin. Bright lights, burning my retinas, singing the air above me. Everything is clean, sterile, sanitized…medical. This all seems so routine to everybody, not me. I don’t know them. Why can’t I remember? Who are they? Who am I?

-Andrew Wulf


Just like climbing a ladder… Everyday, one rung at a time until, SLIP! You fall back to the floor of your cell, and that wave of sickness and nausea rolls over you, the one you thought you’d never feel again.

But this time, you stand up, vomit in the corner and wipe your brow. Through blinding tears, shaking hands, and numb feet, you take hold of the ladder once again, and start to climb.

-Michelle Woods Miller


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