Novel Update

Looking for Proofreaders

The title says it all. If anyone would like to proofread the book and give me some impressions, let me know! There will be some kind of incentives… Possibly a wall-poster of the cover art if I ever find an artist! sheesh. That part has especially been a nightmare. If I end up doing the cover, it’ll be something like the extended version of the book. Yeah, there are deleted scenes in this one.

Anyway, if anyone has time and/or would like to read ahead, let me know!




I opened the door and pointed my finger out. Hendricks lost it, yelling irately. If he was speaking English, I couldn’t understand it. Doug later called it “alcohol-induced glossolalia,” whatever that means. It was time to end the evening. I grabbed Hendricks by the elbow and collar and started pushing towards the door. With his free hand, he threw a mean backfist that clocked me in the side of the head. Well, I thought it was his fist… he very well may have hit me with his elbow. I’ve been knocked around by Ryan Hendricks more than once and it never hurt that bad. I didn’t black out but, my vision flickered and I dropped to my knees. There were literal stars twinkling in my eyesight. Colors blurred into static and I thought it may be permanent. Each stab of pain shook my focus thusly.

Hendricks screamed something and raised a fist. I thought he might bring it down on my head so I grabbed his ankles and pulled them out from under him. He fell backwards, too drunk to coordinate his limbs. When someone that tall falls to the ground, they feel it. His already damaged head hit my coffee table and it silenced him.


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