On Michael Brown and Bullshit Outrage

Yeah, yeah, Michael Brown and other victims of police violence, blah blah blah.

What about the thousands of random victims of gang-violence? People who were assaulted or murdered just so a kid could get a kinda cool tattoo supporting the gang or the right tovsling dope on the corner? The thousands of non-black people harassed and harmed by police annually? ANYONE who is treated unjustly? One kid in a fucking riot dies and the police are just now getting attention? This really is a bullshit country. If you aren’t offended by the everyday happenings of the average american, then you are missing the real cause of these police abuses. Stupid Americans being stupid lead to stupid cops being stupid. Nobody knows any better and we can only think of violence as a solution. Instead of blaming anyone, why not take the opportunity to become someone who would never get shot by a cop?

besides, race is really not that big of a factor, when you consider 23/1000 people PER SQUARE MILE in East Saint Louis are murdered. No outrage for that, by the way. If you live in some areas of the city, your odds of being a victim of violent crime are over 1:15. No cry for mercy from gangs or stricter police monitoring in these truly dangerous places?

No, a kid in a violent riot getting shot was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Bullshit humanitarianism. I. notice no one compared this to Tiananmen square. That was a real example of abuse of power

Quit making the cops look like the /only/ bad guys in America. This country has a severe case of bloodlust combined with a healthy dose of idgaf. If racial bias in a crime is your only reason for raging against it, fuck you. All crime is hate crime, all violence is bred from ignorance, and all this silliness comes from the fact that a white cop shot a black kid.

I haven’t lived in STL for a while and this is just what I get from Fb  and the news. But I can’t figure out why it matters unless it’s a racial offense.

Hate me, un-friend me, call me a troll.  I don’t care. If you aren’t outraged at all the bastards who commit violence against truly innocent victims, I posit that you don’t have the right to get mad when a violent riot leads to a single death, no matter how innocent or guilty. Get off your politically correct ass and make us a country, q citizenry that deserves the respect it demands. Jesus, America, have you fallen so far that you don’t see yourself for what you are?



One thought on “On Michael Brown and Bullshit Outrage

  1. mike says:

    I couldn’t agree with this statement more. On a side note tho, I can’t say the word black, but they can say cracker? Lol

    Get over yourselves. This kid was caught stealing from a store, assaulted the clerk, then assaulted a police officer. So its ok to riot before any info is released?

    Keep it up black people, your just making your own race look even worse.


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