flash fiction

Do We Even Matter?

Says one man to another. The compact  glass elevator has broken down between the 95 and 96th floor. ” Does anyone care that we are up here?”

“The guy on the intercom said they were working on it,” the fellow reminds. He brushes his bushy grey moustache with a wisp of his fingers.

The younger man, a recently hired engineer posits no one is helping them. “Do you see workers aiding us?” 

” It’s probably a technician in the basement.”

“Can’t they at least update us?”

“We’ll know when the elevator is working.”

The stranger pats a brass handrailing and gazes at himself in the mirror. 

The younger man melts into the corner, he is preparing to sleep for the first time in days.

“I just want to know I matter.”

“You matter to me,” the older man laughs. “I’d die of boredom if you weren’t here.”

“Yeah. Real helpful.” The engineering rubs his eyes and traces a circuit diagram from memory. 

The gent is mesmerized for a moment. “Stay awake, friend. I need the company.”

His head tilts to the side; round wire-framed glasses fall to the floor. The elevator light dims and the people fade away. The glass appears almost frosted and the smell of smoke all but overpowers him. Worse is the heat of what could only be called superfire. The rubble of a monolith weighing down on the tiny car in such a precarious fashion, the engineer had already given up

His eyes droop shut and the man tries one more time. “Hey buddy, you gotta stay awake. This thing isn’t looking too good…”

“The… Wha?” The engineer’a hand stops tracing. For a moment he is paralyzed. But he quickly goes limp, then blackness follows.

An electronic pulse brings him back from the darkness. The medical machines attached seem simple enough. He checks for all his limbs. “One, two, three, four…” A deep inhale and one more spot to check. “Five. Thank God.” He sighs heavily and hits the bed. 

The doctor comes in a few minutes later. She explains that the building was attacked by an alien warcraft of all things.

“You must have a guardian angel. You had four pieces of rebar in you and… Well the medical term is a ‘crapload’ of glass throughout your torso and legs.”

The kid ran his fingers through his hair. The gesture calmed his mind

 His mental clarity increased as he became aware of the medicated haze blocking his mind.

“What about the older guy? Did he survive?”

“Listen, there were a lot of bodies here today. More specific.”

“Damnit man, the guy who was I’m the elevator with me!”

The doctor paused a split-second before snapping at the man. She raised an eyebrow and tilted her head at him, almost like a curious dog.

“Sir, you were the only one in the elevator.”

“No way. This guy wouldn’t leave me alone. grey moustache? Pakistani guy maybe?” 

“Sir, your brain probably just created him as a coping mechanism. It happens, especially to people who have fears of dying alone.”

“Oh..” the engineer ponders. “The brain can do that?”

She works on his chart seemingly oblivious to his oresence,”Yep.”


“Yeah,” she looks up and gleams a smile. “Its cool, isn’t it? I’ll be back to check on you in fifteen minutes!”

She strides out of the room a proud lionness in charge of her life. He lies in a bed, unable to do anything but watch tv. Then he remembers that actually attacked and he’d much rather experience it vicariously from this point on.


Just a quick one. Is there a point to it? That depends what you get out of it.

Hopefully this will provoke some thought.

We all judge, it’s a fact of life, a survival mechanism. In fact, within 7 seconds, you’ve made up your mind about a person you may never have spoken to yet. The question is, should we really frown upon judging? I’m not saying unfair judgement doesn’t exist but… do we not carry ourselves as we wish to be viewed? Do you not dress and act according to the person you are, or want to be? Do you not expect to be judged?

In my pursuit of zen, I’ve come to realize that judgement is unavoidable. I make it my goal to act as a highly reflective mirror through which others can see themselves for who they truly are. As such, I do judge on appearance and actively question my judgement. If I think someone is dangerous, I am more likely to engage them, to hopefully help that person see deeper within, and just maybe allow them to prove me wrong. Reflection is questioning. Do you question your judgement? Do you question those whom you subject to it?  Do you think this post is pretentious? Do you think it could also be worth considering?

Yes these thoughts are unstructured, unfiltered, and certainly disorganized. Zen is nature. Nature doesn’t need correcting.


A quick blurb on Jennifer Lawrence

Now that it’s old news. I hate saying it was her own fault because she and others were the victim of a severe cyber crime and the hackers that did this are to blame for what happened. No one else is responsible.

But high-profile targets taking photos they don’t want to be seen by the world and then uploading them to the cloud proves another point I’ve tried to make for years (aside from don’t use electronics if you want privacy)

APPLE IS NOT MORE SECURE THAN WINDOWS! It was just never a popular enough platform to be targeted by criminals. Now, it’s popular. And most of the people who have massive audiences following them use these devices. Don’t be surprised if it becomes as common as any other platform hack.

Exercise in, Style, Under 500

Why Bother?

Okay, y’all. I’m going to call this “Why Bother?” It’s an “initiative” I guess… the idea here is that I get exhausted by the plethora of people who question my every action, decision, ideal, moral, or whatever else they don’t understand. So, I’m just writing a blurb about why I bother with something people ask about. 95% of my facebook friends won’t see this but, it doesn’t matter. I’m doing it anyway because this is the internet and YOU CAN’T STOP ME! MUAHAHAHAHA!

Now, on the facebook version, I tagged a bunch of people… taking for granted that everyone on WordPress is a writer to some degree, this is a call to action for all of you. If you read this, please like and/or comment to let me know if you will be writing about something you’re driven towards. I’d like to make sure I read those!


Without further ado…


I don’t need a flat stomach; I need a strong core.
I don’t need to be big; I need to be powerful.
I don’t need to win the fight; I need to end the conflict.
I don’t need to change others, I need to change myself
I don’t need perfection; I need progress.

I practice Aikido because before I ever studied it, it had been established along the path I sought. I practice Aikido because it’s impossible for me to do without finding a way to improve. I practice Aikido because the art takes problems and creates solutions. The Aiki mind is never stumped, for there is always another way. The Aiki spirit is never trumped, as there is always progress to be made. The Aiki practitioner can only be defeated by the self and that is the central struggle we all face. Aikido leads the person you are to the person you will become and, if you are mindful, that person will become exactly who you intended.

flash fiction, Just for fun

The Brink

Mildly modernist approach to the subject matter. Have some stream of consciousness from the mind of J Patrick Avery


You’ve stepped over the line.

Where is the line? What is the limit? At what point have I crossed from sanity to insanity?

Well, you’re asking yourself questions and answering them. That’s probably not normal.

Are you sure? It seems pretty normal.

Not the way you do it. You’re better off retiring your mind.

Retiring my mind? What do you mean?

Just go to sleep. The effort isn’t worth the trouble.

But then how will I accomplish anything?

What have you accomplished anyway?

Well, I’ve completed plenty. It’s just that people don’t seem to care.

Of course they don’t, you’re not normal.

So I have to be boring, regurgitate the same bullshit everyone does? If I want anyone to care what I have to say, it has to be something mundane?

Has any human ever shown you different? Not even the closest to you can understand your existence.

Frankly, neither can I.

If no one sees the point, what point is there?

There has to be some reason I exist. No human is meant to be nothing.

All humans are nothing in the end. Why procrastinate?

What about the sanctity of life?

No one treats their own health as valuable, let alone another life. Undoubtedly, your life has proven itself not to be sacred.

All I’ve ever done was try to make the lives of those around me a little better.

You think you can cure your pain by allowing others to step on you?

I don’t see it that way.

You’re a fool. No wonder you’ve been rejected.

I’m an idealist, not a fool.

One and the same. The world does not want to live up to your ideals. It wants to choke on its own indignity and suffocate the human race in a vacuum of stupidity.

So I should give up and make no effort to improve other people?

You should just give up and leave it at that.

I don’t think I can.

But you have… You stepped over the edge and you’re about to meet the pavement.

Oh… shit.