Just a quick one. Is there a point to it? That depends what you get out of it.

Hopefully this will provoke some thought.

We all judge, it’s a fact of life, a survival mechanism. In fact, within 7 seconds, you’ve made up your mind about a person you may never have spoken to yet. The question is, should we really frown upon judging? I’m not saying unfair judgement doesn’t exist but… do we not carry ourselves as we wish to be viewed? Do you not dress and act according to the person you are, or want to be? Do you not expect to be judged?

In my pursuit of zen, I’ve come to realize that judgement is unavoidable. I make it my goal to act as a highly reflective mirror through which others can see themselves for who they truly are. As such, I do judge on appearance and actively question my judgement. If I think someone is dangerous, I am more likely to engage them, to hopefully help that person see deeper within, and just maybe allow them to prove me wrong. Reflection is questioning. Do you question your judgement? Do you question those whom you subject to it?  Do you think this post is pretentious? Do you think it could also be worth considering?

Yes these thoughts are unstructured, unfiltered, and certainly disorganized. Zen is nature. Nature doesn’t need correcting.


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