Geek Fuel vs Loot Crate! A Face-Off for the Ages!

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A lot of times, the question that comes up is “Which subscription box gives you the most value for your money?” The most well-known, Loot Crate, has been purported to offer the most value for your money. The newcomer, Geek Fuel, guarantees you products that ensure you at least match the value you spend.

Beyond that, it’s important that the box makes you feel something. If I’m going to throw away money on a mystery box full of things I (probably) don’t need, then I want to be excited to get it, I want to love the product, I want it to feel genuine and complete.

Since both Loot Crate and Geek Fuel are doing firsts this month, I thought it would be fun to put them head-to-head and see what turns out. As always, I’ll do a segment on financial value at the end of each box’s section (excluding minimags). Before that, I just like to discuss the items.


First up, Loot Crate with their very first sequel: Heroes 2!

Heroes 2

Heroes 2


Batman Q-Pop Loot Crate Exclusive


Adam West’s Batman stands atop the roof of building 1337. He watches and he waits. Soon, Gotham will call, and he will answer.  Villains beware! For, when the Batman leaps into action, a Ka-Pow! Is sure to follow!


This product is a Vinyl pop figure from Q-pop redesigned with the original batcowl and costume. The construction is solid, the presentation is lovely. And Loot Crate took it a step further by making the box reversible. It becomes a building riddled with graffiti, clearly in need of some bat-justice.

This item is a strong start for the box!

Batarang Multi-Tool

How do I get it out without a batarang?

How do I get it out without a batarang?

A solid steel batarang keychain tool featuring a Philips-head and a flat-head screwdriver. The center acts as a bottle opener. This thing is gorgeous and dense. It’ll make a great addition to my burgeoning keychain totem collection!

Officially licensed product

Officially licensed product

She Can Do It! Poster

There's nothing she can't do!

There’s nothing she can’t do!

Wonder Woman in a WWII propaganda-style poster. It’s a half-size glossy version of a full-size wall poster. The artwork is gorgeous and I can’t wait to hang it!

Brawlhalla DLC card

White Fang Gnash. Whatever that means!

White Fang Gnash. Whatever that means!

Loot Crate sometimes includes steam games and such. This DLC is for the 2D Beat ‘Em Up MMO Brawlhalla. The game is free-to-play but the dlc is expensive so it’s nice to get this, I suppose. It calls itself “an alternative to Super Smash Brothers”.

Zelda Sweatband

That logo though

That logo though

I signed up for this box entirely on the promise of a Zelda wearable. I was rather let down when, instead of a tee-shirt, I got a wrist band. I definitely have use for it, but I really wanted a Zelda shirt! This one is a hit, but sort of below the belt.

The League of Regrettable Superheroes

This is a must-read!

This is a must-read!


This Loot Crate Edition of the book lists 100 characters throughout comic book history who were… let’s just say unsuccessful. From a giant floating eyeball to a man who can shrink to six inches tall and nothing else, these heroes did good, but were ultimately not strong (read: popular) enough to rise to comic book stardom. The hardcover book is definitely nice. This goes in the win column.

Vulcan Air Freshener

RIP Vanilla Spock

RIP Vanilla Spock

Truly the most potent Vanilla I’ve ever smelled in my life!


Loot Crate Heroes 2 Pin

Pin it?

Pin it?

It’s a pin. Pretty cool I guess.

Loot Crate Minimag


This minimag covers an array of information, including the box contents and theme. There is a page dedicated to “featured Looters” and an overview of this month’s Mega and Mini-Mega crates. Other stories include the history of Batman and Wonder Woman and The Death of Superman Lives.



Batman 1969 Q-Pop By Quantum Mechanix $15.99 for the standard version. I guess about $20.00 for the custom print?

Batman Logo MultiTool $10.49 cents. Already, significantly over the value I paid for the Crate!

She Can Do It! Poster $19.88 for the full-size poster. Half-size, half-price? It doesn’t matter. On the financial side, everything from this point forward is just profit.

Brawlhalla DLC Not sure if it’s actually any of these. Still, it comes with a few skins and a full copy of the game. At least $10.00, probably $15.00.

Zelda Wristband I’m pretty sure this is just the gold variant of the Twilight Princess sweatbands. Regardless, both that and this Loot Crate Exclusive are selling for $6.99.

The League of Regrettable Superheroes $12.95 for the hardcover.

Pin and Airfreshener, ~$3 for both

Total Spent: $20.00

Total Value: ~$69.30


All-in-all, I rather like this box. You definitely can’t argue the value. Still, some of the products weren’t full-on hits with me. The quality is definitely high! The biggest disappointment for me though, is the Zelda “wearable” being a simple sweatband. I really wanted a Shirt…



And now, onto Geek Fuel’s first: A 100% exclusive box! This box contains items that can only be acquired through this box. Wha…?

100% exclusive Geek Fuel

100% exclusive Geek Fuel

Le Tour De Geek Teeshirt

Link, Harley Quinn, Forest Trooper, Batman? And blue shells. Always Blue Shells

Link, Harley Quinn, Forest Trooper, Batman? And blue shells. Always Blue Shells

Of course I’m starting with this item! It’s the Zelda tee I wanted Loot Crate to give me! Mario Kart meets The Tour De France in this shirt. We see Harley Quinn Chasing down Link in second, Batman is naturally in the chase as well. Based on the color scheme and the Trooper, I assume this is actually the Tour De Forest Moon of Endor. Five of the shirts released came in a yellow variant.

Burnstar Download

It tastes like sugar mixed with more sugar

It tastes like sugar mixed with more sugar

Every Geek Fuel box comes with a Steam download. This one seems to be a Bomberman-influenced puzzle game. Top down 2.5D Gaming. Looks like a lot of fun! Last month’s game was a pleasant surprise and turned out way more enjoyable than expected. Loved it!

Ant-Man Mini-Pint

Now with more souvenir!

Now with more souvenir!

An Ant-Man shot glass not unlike you’d find at a gift shop. The box is sharp and I love the retro helmet used for the logo.

Shiny! Button


I’m surprised this is an exclusive button, but I certainly can’t find it anywhere! It’s from Serenity. Put it on your Brown Coat.

Aliens vs Vampirella Poster

I haven't been this excited for a book since the Necronomicon!

I haven’t been this excited for a book since the Necronomicon!

Incredible! I did not know this was a thing until I got this poster! I am so excited to see Vampirella take on the Xenomorphs! Full-size wall poster with absolutely beautiful artwork.

Marvel Civil War #1 Variant Cover

Art by Todd Nauck

Art by Todd Nauck

A certified limited edition Civil War variant. Comes sealed with the certificate.  It comes just in time to promote the new movie. Some people got a signed copy. Sadly, I was not one of them!

Certificate of Authenticity

Certificate of Authenticity

Geek Fuel Minimag


Since Geek Fuel includes an insert describing their items, the minimag tends to be packed with extra content. The magazine goes over SDCC 2015 as well as plugs for Burnstar and Aliens Vs Vampirella. The article on Civil War is more of a plot tease, referring to President Stark and General Rogers.  There are also a couple of Geek Guides that any reader will enjoy.



Valuing these things is pretty hard since every single item is exclusive. Nonetheless, I’ll do my best to get an estimate of the prices.

Burnstar for Steam 10.00 for the game, plus free candy!

Civil War 001 Variant Most cover variants go for $7-10. I always do my estimates using the low side.

Ant-Man Mini-Pint It’s definitely an exclusive item. $4-5 seems about right for shot glasses

Aliens Vs Vampirella Poster, Another really hard one to quantify. But full-size posters of this variety run about $15.00.

Le Tour De Geek Shirt, again… too exclusive to quantify. These shirts are high-quality though. I price them at $12 dollars, which is definitely a low estimate for the quality of the shirts from Geek Fuel.

Shiny! Button, ~$1 for the button.


Total Spent: $24.00

Total Value: ~$40.00


The Verdict:


July in a box!

So, Loot Crate gives you a little more financial value in the month of July. However, if I’m to be completely honest, Geek Fuel’s assortment of items got me way more excited! I look forward to getting a game and a shirt guaranteed every month and the comic variant and shot glass are not just exclusive, but high-quality. Loot Crate Gave me a fantastic Vinyl, A beautiful poster, and an entertaining book. Geek Fuel gave me a shot glass, a full-size and detailed poster, a certified comic book variant, and a tee-shirt I wanted from Loot Crate.
For me, Geek Fuel wins the month of July. Do you agree or disagree?


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