1ByOne and the Tesla Speaker!

*Disclaimer: this product was sent to me free of charge for review purposes.*

The Box

The Box

This 1ByOne Speaker is a simple and fun way to get music from my phone to play on blast. When I first received it, I was rather skeptical, but it turns out the thing is pretty darn fun. The Plasma ball can emit discharges in time to the beat and, well… I’ll explain when I get there.

I’m always looking for quality sound when I get a Bluetooth speaker. Beyond that, I expect the device to meet any claims it makes regarding controls, features, and range.  How did this speaker do?

The claims

The claims


Ooooh.... prettyyyyy

Ooooh…. prettyyyyy

The speaker is a little bit light, but still built solid.  I got the red version and it looks pretty classy. The plasma changes from blue to red as it touches the glass and, of course, follows your fingers. My cat had a lot of fun learning about plasma!

Sound Quality and Range

There was no claim for range on the packaging nor the amazon page for the product, but I got my phone about 20 feet away before I started to lose smooth connection. Not terrible, but I’d like a higher range (or at least an indicator of the range).

As for the sound itself, everything was clean and true to the source (in terms of equalization and purity). The volume gets pretty loud and I could hear it throughout my downstairs, and still faintly when upstairs. If I were to improve on the product, I’d make it stereo, but this is still way better than using my cell phone’s speaker!


The speaker retains the EQ of the song pretty well. Bass is still bassy, trebles are still Attack-y

The speaker retains the EQ of the song pretty well. Bass is still bassy, trebles are still Attack-y

Not much to say here. The mode button transferred the Tesla ball between all three modes (constant, rhythmic, and off). Hold down the button to skip tracks and press once to change volume. The device did do weird things when plugged into my computer though (the mode button opened the start menu, the volume buttons affected computer volume as well). However, with my phone, it worked perfectly.



The most important feature to me was that the plasma ball deliver on its promise to sync to the music. Unfortunately, I need WordPress prime to post videos, but I’ll do my best to describe my experience!

At first, I couldn’t tell whether I was on random/free plasma mode or the rhythm mode. To solve this problem, I chose to use some Drum and Bass music to get a consistent beat. I asked for help confirming, but we were pretty sure that it did sync to the beat.

What changed everything was when I placed my hand on the ball and cut the beams down to three or four.  Then it became very clear and very awesome to see! The beams danced between my fingers and bolted around my palm. It was really fascinating to see! The ball passes here!

Sorry I can't upload videos! This is a random capture, synced to the beat of Tec N9ne - So Dope

Sorry I can’t upload videos! This is a random capture, synced to the beat of Tec N9ne – So Dope


Here are my official scores for the product

Aesthetics: 9/10, it feels a little light, but otherwise it’s sharp! I love the deeper shade of red in the base, it complements the plasma!

Sound and Range: 8/10. The sound quality, while monophonic, held up to my standards. The range of 20 feet is really enough, but I’d love to get an extra ten feet!

Controls: 6/10, they worked fine on my phone, but it claimed to work on PC as well and, at least with Windows 10, there are a lot of bugs.

Special Features: 10/10, the plasma ball has three modes and the rhythmic one is really fun! I spent quite a while playing with it and seeing how I could affect the interplay of plasma bolts.

Final Score: 7/10

If you want a fun little gimmick with your music, this is a good one to grab! Thanks for reading!


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