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Loot Crate August 2015: Villains 2!

This Loot Crate only had four items, but each of them was unique and superb! The villains theme was a nice follow-up to the heroes theme.  I’m not sure if it was a prank by the Joker or a printing error, but the roof of my box appeared to be on the opposite side of where it should be! As always, I’ll talk about the financial value at the end, but first thing’s first!

My box noticeably lacked my villains 2 pin!

The items:

  • Los Pollos Hermanos Barbecue Apron
  • Captain America: The First Avenger Hydra Lapin Pin
  • Venom Mug
  • The Joker Wooden Doll

Los Pollos Hermanos Apron

Mmm, chicken!

Mmm, chicken!

I don’t know that I really count this Breaking Bad chain as a villain of the series. Nor do I see our favorite meth-dealing super duo as villains! Nonetheless, this thing is nice and thick. The screen print will probably fade in time, but I’ll definitely get use out of this!

Hydra Lapel Pin

Heil Hydra!

Heil Hydra!

What can I say? This is swaggy. Next time I get to wear a suit jacket, I’m busting it out for sure. The box is nice, and is in itself a certificate of authenticity. The pins are all crafted from the screen prop, so this is the real deal!

As it looks within the box

As it looks within the box

Vemon Mug

Bad Motha

Bad Motha

This is the absolute best for me! What a win! This is a licensed Marvel Mug with a sharp paint job. The line of mugs each comes with a unique handle based on the character, but I believe all Loot Craters got Venom. The mug feels a little light, but it’s also a gorgeous model of the character.

Classic Venom

Classic Venom

The Joker


This line of DC collectible wooden figures includes Batman and Superman, with the Joker apparently exclusive to Loot Crate. I love this piece. It’s reminiscent of some kind of tribal design and it feels a little anarchic in nature. The mouths say “hahaha” and “heehee”.

The eternal Struggle

The eternal Struggle



Loot Crate Mini Mag

Haha... that is funny.

Haha… that is funny.

The magazine had a few more ads than previous ones (I think), but the magazine style and nature makes it more content than pure advertising. The most fun article contained is Batman Villains IRL

This month's mega crate giveaway!

This month’s mega crate giveaway!



Total value of the box? Let’s see!

No matter how you cut it, you’re getting more than double on your investment in Loot Crate. From that standpoint, this is definitely a win. When compared to last month’s loot crate, it’s much snazzier and I think I’m more impressed. Between the two, I’d choose villains just because it came with much more useable stuff and the quality on each item is superb!

This box is a definite win for me! Can’t wait for next month’s!


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