Novel Update

Skipping ahead, but it’s all good

This is like chapter  4-5 and I’m not done with chapter 1 yet. Even though it’s super short, this captures the ideas i want to remember for the stuff going on before and after a critical moment. This is literally the paragraph before and the paragraph after a major scene. Still, This version is shaping up to be something special.


I might have heard what he said, but I can’t quite remember. His eyes dominated my thoughts. Endless chasms wrapped in golden blue halos that pierced my soul – if there is such a thing –  in a way I physically felt. Breathing deep took effort, my core seemed…. twisted. Nonetheless, I  found myself responding quite eloquently. At this point, even my own voice had become an echo from the future. If it was the wine, I figured out Ryan’s addiction. If it wasn’t, then I’m fucking amazing.
*the next morning, after things*
I realized that I was alive – shocking, to say the least. Not only that, but the divine smell of omelets would leave me to discover /Heather/ in my kitchen.

“What…. what the fuck is this?”
“It’s breakfast, you bitch. Sit! Spill!”
She pulled out her phone and began scribbling notes as I apparently answered questions about my conversation with Monsieur Bernier. While debriefing her, I couldn’t help but simmer. I needed to drop this case.


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