To Forge A Man

You know me, I just write to keep writing. Have some stream of consciousness.  I didn’t necessarily want a specific cultural vibe for this one. I mostly focused on keeping the comparison accurate while being vague enough to encourage . Hopefully you can see the connection in the development of the two. Let me know how you like it!

To forge a man is to forge a sword.
Both require the patience and skill of a warrior-saint.

Heat and pressure lead malleability.
In this state, one can be folded –
One can be molded into the proper form.

Each strike of the hammer precisely
shapes body, mind and spirit

A quick dip into a pool of cold water hardens steel and soul
The proper temperment has been achieved
Finally, honing the blade to a razor’s edge, a man is complete.
He is sharp, he is tempered, he is flexible, and he can only be broken if he lacks skill.

To be a man is to be a sword.

Make sure the wounds you inflict
Are the wounds you intend.