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Since I’ve Been Gone!

Okay all, here’s the good word!

I’ve been undergoing a loooot of personal development over the last few…. lifetimes. I’ve grappled back and forth with depression and various other issues, only to realize the fact of the matter is that I am Transgendered and most of my self-negativity comes from the fact that I have had to bury that for years.

I came out as a teenager and was met with some pretty radical social ostracization , as well as being sent to highly antagonistic counseling where the question was what made me “sick” and focused on trying to “cure” me before cooperating with transition goals.

Needless to say, I didn’t last long.

But after another 8 years of hiding it, I simply couldn’t and can’t anymore! So it’s on record that I am indeed Trans and intend to transition completely.


So, there are some changes that come with it, including me being told again and again that if I’m not regularly blogging about it I’m doing some sort of disservice to the community as a whole. So, You can start expecting at least a short post every weekend (hardly scheduled yet, but I’ll get there).

Second, I figured out how to make my novel outstanding! For those who don’t recall, it’s a Crime drama with a supernatural twist. Except now, the supernatural is not the twist. The Hero’s Journey into the hidden world will now parallel his own journey in coming out and transitioning. There are a looot of themes that play into this throughout the story that I’ll probably go over once I start writing the final pre-revision draft.

Lastly, I’ve realized exactly what I need to do to leave the world better than I found it, and that is encouraging Transgendered people and people who otherwise deal with a ton of self-doubt and negativity and social stress to become the best version of themselves?

How do I aim to achieve this? Well, I hope that my personal insight can help to increase the impact to the audience of protagonist James-to-Jane Del within my novel.

The long-term version of this goal is still to complete the trilogy, and keep the protagonist’s gender a major part of the arc which will affect their interactions with what are currently very plain antagonists, and create a small body of work that people of any background can appreciate and relate to.

But, more immediately, I am going to become a personal trainer (a goal I’ve had for years, but lacked the confidence to pursue) and spend some time working towards building a clientele of people who suffer from body or gender dysmorphia, social anxiety, depression… people who are otherwise too intimidated to go to a gym. I want to become a trainer who works specifically with people who, like me until recently, are willing to let their mental and physical health dwindle because it’s just “too hard” to maintain it. The fact that I was finally able to get past that road block in this significant way tells me that others can too, and I want to make it happen!

The long-term version of this goal is to start my own safe-space gym where people of any background who simply don’t want to deal with the average gym rat can come to train without worrying about who they are, what they wear, how hard they can push themselves. We are all at different places, in different spaces, and I believe a gym that specifically reaches out to those who don’t believe in themselves.

My longest-term goal of multimedia publishing should be aided by both of these things. Everyone has a story to tell, and there are plenty of media through which to tell it! I’d like to see myself become a hub for people to share their stories with pride instead of shame, confidence instead of fear, and to become the type of person who may or may not be famous, but still manages to change lives all the same.

So, there it is! The situation as it stands, preparing to move forward.

If you’d like to donate to the cause, you can click here. I’m asking for $500. Whatever overage is left after I pay for my certification will go into building a clientele of people who need the type of help I offer. The link shares more details on that particular goal as well as my personal story.

If you can’t donate, I appreciate any shares, mentions, or whatever else you can do to help me leave this world a little better off than it is now!

Comment, follow, whatevs! I’ll be updating the blog more often. You can expect to read about martial arts, gender perspectives, whatever work I have time to do on the novel (mostly gonna be in summer 2016, I think), and other blogs that I’m loving the crap out of!

Thanks everyone for your support!




Videos go live!

Here, we have the first episode of #SmallTalk ! Check this out!

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Also, my first video review of a product  for Dragonblogger.com went live!

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Just a quick update

For those who don’t know, my life has been in a bit of turmoil. But here’s the end I’ve reached.

  1. Returning to school as an English Education major.
  2. Creating a proper writing portfolio to submit to various text-based companies.
  3. The publishing company I crafted with a buddy is gaining direction, a proper ideology, and a body of work to start with.
  4. Continuing to be awesome and train.
  5. The novel is still happening. Finally have a bit of extra money to spend on an editor.

Aaaand, that’s about it. I’m still alive and I’m getting closer to the dream. Hopefully I can make it happen!


The sad part is always realizing how much work remains. The more effort you put in, the more there is to do. A quick list of steps in the process of this novel. This is just what I can see now. Originally, I thought Writing > Editing > Publishing. And all of it should only take 3 months total. Now, I realize that to make a quality story, the workload is a constantly growing mechanism.

The writing process led me to realize that drafting has to be done before you can advance in a story. No matter how far away you get from that original outline, it’s still there and it’s still a guide for you to reference. The original outline (roughly three pages of story and two pages of character sheet) contained 27 chapters and roughly 270 pages , which would have broken down to around 81,000 words with my goal of 3k per chapter. Now, at only 20 chapters (plus the epilogue) it is pre-edit 81,267. With my odd brand of editing goals, It should be 85-90k words when publish rolls around.

So, the other thing I missed coming from a strictly academic writing base, which is so easy for me that it actually brings boredom tears out… multiple edits needed. There is the first edit, the “rewrite” that incorporates the edits the author (or publisher) agrees with, then there is another cycle of this. At the end, you have a product that should be read over once or twice more for grammatical and syntax errors – the studious side of creative writing.

After that, the process moves into publishing which involves a whole other series of steps and I honestly don’t know all of the details (although I certainly thought I did when I stepped into this lucrative venture). After that’s all said and done though, the book should be pristine and ready for an audience. Get pumped y’all! We’re in the final countdown!


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